The 10 Hr Art Gallery presented the City of Carlsbad with a gift of art awareness and community fellowship, in late July during the Art Walk. A unique five-day art show at the 10 Hr Art Gallery mixed works of 18 professional artists, TERI developmentally challenged students, and The Stardust Arts, to raise funds for TERI Campus of Life arts program.

The “Art from the Heart” exhibit was held at the temporary gallery located at the Carlsbad Village Faire and sponsored the non-profits with a unique and unusual exhibition, drawing crowds of curious people, welcoming participation in communicative art.

The Stardust Arts is funded by donations and obtainable grants, providing underserved children with the development of creativity and imagination. “What a mind can do when it does not have to live in this world, it’s an amazing achievement that both organizations experience some of the similar components,” stated Cheryl Ehlers, Art Director of The Stardust Arts.