Founded in 2003, Alvillar has grown DOTR to more than 4 5 pet care professionals in several cities and states, received numerous accolades for providing excellent customer service and is recognized for playing an active role in the San Diego community.

Each year, DOTR hosts a “Presents 4 Pets” collection drive and all of the supplies collected are distributed to local shelters and rescue organizations. In 2007, Alvillar helped gather supplies which were distributed to evacuation centers for the wild fires. As a result, the American Red Cross acknowledged Alvillar and DOTR as the “Pet Angels.” The company is continuously donating to other foundations, including the Morris Animal Foundation (K-9 Cancer Research), Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and various Humane Societies.

Alvillar and DOTR have received numerous awards, including runner-up for the “Business of the Year” and “Members in Action” by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, “The Best Dog Sitting/Walking Service” by Ranch & Coast Magazine and “Talk of the Town” for excellence in customer satisfaction.