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It’s not clear whether the beautiful smiles patients wear out of Dr. Ronald Roncone’s office are from the great orthodontics or the fabulous service.


The Kind of Service You Hope For

Dr. Roncone, a Harvard-trained orthodontist, has been putting smiles on clients’ faces for over forty years, and is world renown for his contributions to the field. “We attempt to make each patient visit the best experience they will have that day,” said Dr. Roncone. He’s accomplished this feat in a variety of ways.

The office is beautifully-appointed with patient achievements and celebrity items adorning the walls, a computer game room for kids, and refreshments for all. But don’t get too comfortable; Roncone Orthodontics guarantees “absolutely on-time appointments,” so no waiting or wondering, just prompt service.


The Expert Treatment You Need

Once in the chair, Dr. RonRonconneOrtho_11cone provides the most up-to-date orthodontic care available, including aesthetic treatments such as ceramic braces (at no additional cost) and lingual braces (on the backs of the teeth). Plus, they are able to achieve effective results in record time while still leaving 8-12 weeks between visits.

Dr. Roncone’s has helped numerous patients solve their TMJ (temporomandibular joint), sleep apnea, or snoring problems. “The orthodontic patient can expect exquisite smiles which are natural-looking, excellent occlusion (proper meshing of the teeth or “bite”), and relaxed muscles of the face, head and neck,” stated Dr. Roncone. “For those who have been experiencing headaches and or facial or neck problems, more than 98% can expect significant or total relief of those symptoms.”


Testimonials Tell the Full Story

Clients sing his praises. “Dr. Roncone is a meticulous and methodical professional who cares greatly for his patients,” shared one. “I can’t even begin to count the number of times he and his staff have literally gone out of their way to accommodate.” Another commented, “The professionalism of Dr. Roncone and his staff is simply outstanding! The level of customer service is second to none.”

An expert on the latest orthodontic treatments and innovations, Dr. Roncone has lectured in every state and 56 countries, but he thrives on his work with patients. As colleague Dr. R.B. of Florida put it, “Ron runs his course the way he is trying to teach us to run our practice. Always deliver an excellent product, in an excellent manner, and then give the patient (customer) much more than they are expecting.”

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Name of Business:         Roncone Orthodontics
Owner/Manager:         Dr. Ron Roncone
Position/Title:         DDS, MS
Years in Position:         38
Year of Establishment:     1974
Address:             221 Main Street, Suite 100 Vista, California 92084
Website:             http://www.ronconeorthodontics.com
Email contact:          info@ronconeorthodontics.com
Phone:             760-758-0630
Description of business:     Roncone Orthodontics services patients from 7-70 who are in need of orthodontics or correction of TMJ problems (headaches), sleep apnea/snoring. We have enhanced smiles and relieved pain for patients from all over California, many states as well as from foreign countries.