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After 23 years serving the community of Carlsbad, Division Chief Bill Anderson is ready to retire. His wealth of skills, determined work ethic, and love for the job has made him indispensable to the force.

“Prior to entering the fire service in North County, I was a volunteer in Stevensville, Montana,” related Chief Anderson. “This experience made me realize this is a calling, not just a career choice.”

Anderson was hired by the Carlsbad Fire Department in 1990 and quickly distinguished himself. He was promoted to Fire Engineer in 1997, Captain in 2004 and Battalion Chief in 2007. In 2009, he received the Meritorious Service Award for his help fighting the Harmony Grove Fire of 1996, and in 2011 he was promoted to Division Chief.


“I have enjoyed working my way up the ranks and can say the caliber of firefighters who I have had the pleasure of working with and hiring for the Carlsbad Fire Dept. is unmatched in our region and across the country,” stated Anderson proudly. “Having that level drives all of us to be leaders in this industry.”

Anderson worked as a heavy equipment/truck mechanic before joining the force, making him a great asset in the maintenance and purchase of equipment. He has also helped develop hiring and promotional exams in hopes of attracting the most capable new recruits and providing motivating advancement opportunities for those currently on the force.

“This department and city has always expected the best out of its employees and the best service for our customers,” declared Anderson. “It is with great pride I can retire knowing I stood side by side with my fellow employees and maintained the highest level of service even when times were tough.”

After 21 years in Vista, Anderson and his wife now plan to move to western Montana. “I have a saint for a wife and two great kids who I give 100% credit for any successes I have had in life. I would give them the Nobel Peace Prize for their tolerance and support if it were at my disposal,” joked Anderson. Now he hopes to “enjoy a slower pace.” We wish him well.

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Name: William Eugene Anderson
Community: Vista
Title: Division Chief
Years of Service: 23
Hobbies: Classic cars and off-road activities
Family: A beautiful wife, a 26-year-old-son and 21-year-old daughter

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