Third Grader, Alexandra Gmuer, has High Aspirations

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Alexandra Gmuer has lived in La Costa for seven of her eight years of life. She is a soon-to-be third grader at La Costa Meadows Elementary School. She loves the library, the science garden, the computer room and the music room, but she really excels at the Accelerated Reader (A.R.) program. Alexandra earned so many A.R. points last year she got to attend a field trip to California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). “The library was five stories and the best part of the field trip!” she explained. “Going to the campus made me really excited about going to college. I might even go there [CSUSM],” she declared.

t.f.-9383CSUSM would be lucky to have Alexandra as a student, who is the top reader in her class not because she’s interested in accolades, but because she set a personal goal to be the best. Her favorite subjects are reading and history, she enjoys books by Judy Blume, Katie DiCamillo and Gill Lewis and she follows a variety of book collections. Some of her favorites include the Diary of a Wimpy Kid set, I Survived books, the historical American Girl series and her current favorite – The Spiderwick Chronicles. Alexandra credits Mrs. Schneider, the school librarian, as a reading inspiration. She explained,“[Mrs. Schneider] has taught me reading is fun and you can learn new things through books.” Projects such as a diorama and a family tree report are Alexandra’s favorites. Her ambition is to go to college to play basketball prior to becoming a librarian or a third grade teacher.

It’s not all about school for Alexandra, though. Fishing with her dad at local lagoons and the jetty off Ponto Beach rank high on her list, sometimes using sand crabs as bait. Once she caught seven fish and a baby sting ray. She participates in church, YMCA and takes a hip-hop class. She’s spending the summer at an all-girls basketball camp and is interested in starting a book club with her friends.1-t.f.-9435

Alexandra Gmuer has already accumulated many interests and dreams in her eight years. She is inspired by her mom and dad, loves living in La Costa close to the beach and her extended family and shows that she is a true San Diegan when she tells us that collecting heart-shaped beach rocks is one of her favorite activities. Alexandra, the eight-year-old, book-loving student star sure does have a heart-warming tale to tell and a bright future ahead of her.

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Name:  Alexandra Gmuer
Age:  8
School:  La Costa Meadows
Grade:  3rd grade
Parents:  Gina and Jim
Brother:  Cristian (5)