Experience Fortis Fitness AND Strength Training & YOGALUX

With 2014 fast approaching, it is time to act on our New Year’s resolution to get ourselves fit. But why should we bother, when it is usually so difficult for us to stick with an exercise regime? Don’t worry. Fortis Fitness Strength Training & YOGALUX in 92009 will keep you on track, because their philosophy, according to General Manager Adam Jacobs, “Keeping it fresh is the key to staying on the fitness course. Fortis’ notion is that combining different specialties provides a much more invigorating, effective and fun way to get fit. By varying the types of classes and trainings for our members, we now see them having more energy, being happier and looking in better shape than ever.”

Are you curious about boxing? Or perhaps an invigorating barre class is more your speed? Maybe you’d like to see what the buzz is all about for hot yoga? Fortis offers all of these options and then some; basically Fortis combines five studios all under one roof at a price point which is no more than one would typically pay at any small single purpose studio.

With Fortis and YOGALUX, there’s no more need to have three different club memberships, since a Fortis membership already includes yoga, barre, indoor cycling, sculpt, group exercise, boot camps, TRX, personal training, sport performance training and more. “Fortis is where members can enjoy a broad range of total workout services and experience, all in one place.”

“I’m glad there is more than just yoga. I like lifting weights and having functional muscle strength while still being flexible, and I can get all of this at Fortis.” – Dennis P.

Of particular note, YOGALUX provides members with two state-of-the-art hot yoga studios, which when combined for the semi-monthly live music events comprise nearly 3,000 square feet, which makes it the largest hot yoga studio in all of San Diego. Experienced yogis teach the connection between the physical and the mental through breathing techniques and various asanas (postures). “Fortis in Latin actually means strength – both physical and mental – and Fortis seeks to combine both aspects of health and well-being. Fortis’ goal is to challenge the body in as many different ways as we can,” said Adam.

In addition to extensive class selections, Fortis instructors and trainers are all professionally accredited and experienced. The Fortis personal training studio is a real show stopper too, with top-of-the-line exercise equipment seldom seen in any other gym. On-site KidFit childcare is available, and there is a very nice member lounge that gets used regularly with family movie nights, cooking demonstrations, private parties, and more.

fortis02If you are looking for a place to call home for your New Year’s resolution, try Fortis and YOGALUX – it’s a cut above. Maybe it’s the Fortis standard where in Adam’s view, “We use member satisfaction as our business compass. Working with each individual member to achieve whatever personal goals they may have established for themselves is very rewarding.”



At A Glance

Name of Business: Fortis Fitness and Strength Training & YOGALUX
Owner: Fortis Fitness and Strength Training, LLC
Manager: Adam Jacobs
Year of Establishment: September 2013
Address: 2712 Gateway Rd., Carlsbad, CA 92009
Website: www.fortisfast.com | www.yogaluxstudio.com
Email Contact: info@fortisfast.com
Phone: 855- 4TIS-FIT (855-484-7348) | 877-YOGA-LUX (877-964-2589)

Description of Business: A full-service fitness center and yoga studio, where one membership includes hot yoga, group exercise, indoor cycling, TRX and personal training. Seventy classes weekly in one luxury facility.