Edrie Aus, a resident of Carlsbad By The Sea retirement community, has put her knitting skills to a humanitarian use. The 101-year-old decided to knit an afghan blanket and donate it to a baby born at nearby Tri-City Medical Center with a card wishing health and happiness.

Although such a sweet gesture would touch any parent’s heart, it was particularly meaningful for Molly Hudson, the mother who was selected to receive the blanket for her son, Jordan. Born on Oct. 25, Jordan was immediately rushed to the NICU for trouble breathing and was diagnosed with a lung infection. Fortunately, Jordan is now at home safe and sound and has made a full recovery at the NICU under Tri-City’s care. Molly, her husband, Travis, and Jordan all met Edrie for the first time to exchange the blanket at Edrie’s home in mid-November.