In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked couples from 92009 to tell us their stories of how they met and fell in love.






Brad and Betsy Boddickerboddicker

Betsy Boddicker – “They say you meet your special someone when you’re not looking. It’s December 1993, and I am a young career gal who is dutifully attending an evening company holiday party. Wearing a stuffy business suit, on a Wednesday night, co-workers persuaded me to go for a drink in Long Beach. Meanwhile, a tall, blonde, handsome guy drove an hour to meet his brother who lives in Indiana, but happens to be in Long Beach for business. After brief eye contact and a friendly smile, Brad pats the empty stool next to him. Twenty years and three kids later, I’m with my ‘someone.’”


aimoneScott and Meeghan Aimone

Meeghan Aimone – “Who would have thought that a girl from Carlsbad would have met the man of her dreams on a blind date at the Red Lobster of all places (I know, right!)? Certainly not me! It was a lunch blind date set-up by mutual friends. I was finishing up my senior year at USD and Scott was working at a finance company. Little did I know that the blind date, which Scott and I now affectionately call, ‘The Blind Date From Hell’, would turn into a lifetime of love. We will be celebrating our fifteenth wedding anniversary this year. I am in love with my best friend, and I am so proud to say we have two amazing kids (Sophia, 13 and Logan, 10), a beautiful home in Carlsbad, and a successful business that we own and work together at almost every day. That day at the Red Lobster, I knew my life had changed forever and everyday, I am thankful for Popcorn Shrimp.”


Chris and Cindi Hermanherman

Cindi Herman – “I met my husband Chris in first grade. We would play together on the playground and he would invite me over to his house to play. I remember having a little crush on him and telling my friends when I got older that he was my first little boyfriend. All through elementary school we had the same teachers and went to each other’s birthday parties. From junior high until college we were close friends. We started dating in college, we’ve been married over ten years, we have three kids, and still have the best relationship.”