Preserving Our Trails

photos provided by Steve Jantz

There’s exciting news for the hikers, cyclists, trail enthusiasts and naturalists in Carlsbad as the Lake Calavera Boardwalk Trails and Wetland Restoration Project constructions are finished. Construction to the boardwalk trails began in December 2013 and was completed this spring.

The Project’s goal was to create new boardwalks to improve access to and from the existing trail system in the Lake Calavera Preserve. It is part of a trail improvement plan to improve the quality of the trails, the environmental impact people have on the preserve, and the safety of the boardwalks. Before the project began pedestrians relied on makeshift, constructed crossings made out of debris and salvaged construction materials. The new boardwalks are constructed from solid wood and pose less of a risk with elevated edgings for additional safety. Both pedestrians and cyclists are able to access and use the new paths.

The construction was made to two areas of the preserve. One boardwalk crosses the Calaveras Creek in the middle of the preserve and is approximately 150 feet long, and the other is located on the east side adjacent to the creek and is approximately 760 feet long.

“The new boardwalk trail is a great enhancement for Lake Calavera, because it both improves the preserve’s aesthetics and protects the habitat with a single project,” said Steve Jantz, an associate engineer with the City of Carlsbad Parks and Recreation Department. “This is a win for the preserve’s users, and a win for the environment,” he noted.