by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Tyler McElhaney

Power Hour


At TITLE Boxing Club Carlsbad Members Receive Non-Contact Full Body Workouts in a Friendly and Fun Atmosphere


“TITLE Boxing Club Carlsbad is unique because we are a non-contact club, meaning that we do not spar, but focus on boxing and kickboxing for fitness while teaching technique, the correct stances, footwork, punches, combinations, slips and rolls. The concept is to use the movements of boxing and kickboxing to provide a total body workout,” explained Lexie Gascon, general manager. The “Power Hour” is the club’s signature workout class, offered in both boxing and kickboxing. These classes consist of plyometric calisthenics combined with either boxing or kickboxing rounds on a heavy bag and are finished with a fifteen minute core section using medicine balls. A Power Hour class can burn up to 1,000 calories by the utilizing HIIT method, high intensity interval training within the structure of the class, making it a great workout for weight-loss, muscle toning and increased cardio ability.

TITLE was founded by former Olympic boxing coach, Danny Campbell. Taking notice of the fact that boxers tend to be in better shape than almost any other athlete, he and his business partners moved forward with the concept to provide members with high intensity workouts in a clean and friendly environment. Currently, TITLE has more than 200 clubs open nationwide. Instructors and staff are approachable and helpful, creating an atmosphere that is different from a standard gym environment. “The atmosphere in the club is welcoming, upbeat, high energy and just plain fun. During class, the instructors’ and members’ intensity and enthusiasm is infectious,” revealed Gascon.

“As someone who has not worked out in months due to a new job, this place is hands down the best! Burn 1,000 calories in an hour? Perfect for those of us who have hectic schedules and cannot do long, daily workouts.” – Angelina T. 

Members of TITLE Boxing Club Carlsbad range from men and women in their late-teens to those in their sixties. People of all ages and fitness levels are welcome at TITLE, and there are many couples and families who regularly attend Power Hour classes. “The classes are perfect for those looking to get back into shape, those who have plateaued, those who want a fast and effective workout, and those who are in shape but are bored and looking to mix up with their current routine” said Gascon.

One of TITLE Boxing Club Carlsbad’s most satisfied members, Erica, A. declared, “I have belonged to so many different gyms and this place is by far the best! Not only is it the best all-around workout, but everyone that works here is amazing! I feel so welcomed every time I walk through the door. The classes are never boring as each one is always a bit different and challenging, but can be modified for any fitness level. The music is great, the facility is clean and the energy is explosive! Try it! You will be addicted after your first class!”



Name of Fitness Club: TITLE Boxing Club Carlsbad
Owner/Manager: Owner – Brad Schwartz; General Manager – Lexie Gascon
Years in Position: 7 months
Year of Establishment: 2013
Address: 3247 Camino De Los Coches Ste. 100, Carlsbad, CA 92009
Email Contact:
Phone: 760-633-4822
Description of Fitness Club: TITLE Boxing is a non-contact boxing and kickboxing club designed using professional techniques in an approachable format for people of all ages and athletic ability.