by LINDA FRABL | photo by Soul of Photography

Morgan Davis, a 9-year-old 3rd grader at Carillo Elementary, proves that if you persevere and overcome obstacles in order to do what you love, then you will succeed. Winning the All-Around South State Championship for gymnastics, in addition to amassing a whopping fifty-seven first place gymnastics medals in the span of two years, Morgan had to overcome intense shyness to reach the heights she has achieved.

Dawn Davis, Morgan’s mother, described the apprehensiveness her daughter experienced when she first began training at SoCal Gymnastics in the fall of 2011. Dawn recalled, “In the beginning, Morgan was so shy that I couldn’t leave the gym; I always had to be in her sight. The coaches were not so sure it was going to work out. I asked them give her a few months to get comfortable, since she is a cautious child. Then she blossomed!”

Having first been exposed to gymnastics at the age of 3 at the San Elijo Dance Academy, Morgan’s coaches soon realized she was at a level that demanded more advanced training than they were equipped to provide. It was then that she started taking lessons at the Southern California Elite Gymnastics Academy (SCEGA) in Temecula, but two years later, the twice-a-week commute proved to be too much for Morgan. At that point Morgan was considering quitting gymnastics altogether, but thankfully she took a chance on a gym just five minutes from her house, SoCal Gymnastics, and Morgan soon realized, “This is where I want to be!”

“Gymnastics is fun, and I like that it makes me strong.”

The next round of gymnastic competitions will begin in January 2015 for Morgan, but in the meantime she will practice twenty hours a week to get herself in tip-top form. Eager to take on the challenge, Morgan admitted, “Gymnastics is fun, and I like that it makes me strong. I really enjoy doing flips, and my favorite event is the floor routine.”

When she grows up, Morgan’s future goals include competing in the Olympics, coaching gymnastics, owning her own gym, and getting married and having children. When she has some free moments in her busy schedule, Morgan loves playing Minecraft, interacting with her pet dog and pet tortoise, and watching gymnastics footage on YouTube, including videos of her coach, Ashley Priess, one of her biggest inspirations. Of the latter, Morgan said, “It is inspiring seeing what other gymnasts are doing.” Soon other little girls will be inspired by watching Morgan!

Name: Morgan Davis (9)
School: Carrillo Elementary School
Grade: 3
Parents: Jon and Dawn Davis
Sibling: Nathan Davis (12)
Favorite Place in 92009: Rita’s Italian Ice