Painting Their World

When Carlsbad High School Senior Nathan Williams received his Eagle Scout project, he decided to contribute two geographical murals to Pacific Rim Elementary.

Nathan installed a colorful world map on the Kids’ Care building. Measuring ten by twenty feet, the creation was painted on aluminum composite panels, which were mounted on the side of the building. He customized a stencil because none this size existed. The senior found and printed a world map on multiple thirty-six-inch-wide strips of paper later tiled together to create the overall image. After the map was transferred to the panels, numerous volunteers helped paint and adhere the panels to a plywood substructure mounted on the building.

In addition to the wall mural, Nathan restructured a disintegrating U.S. map on the school’s playground blacktop using primary-colored traffic paint. He marked the City of Carlsbad with a sun and Washington, D.C. with a star.

The project gained supporters who raised over $750 and donated $1,000 worth of materials. The future Eagle Scout spent around 180 hours on the planning, execution, and documentation of the project. He also personally organized volunteers who contributed over 200 hours.

Nathan chose Pacific Rim Elementary as his project site due to his fond memories there as a student. He explained how students used to play “state tag” on the former U.S. map.

Nathan is on his way to become an Eagle Scout this year with the project complete. He is also a member of the National Honor Society and the California Scholarship Federation. Graduating in June, he hopes to be the next Carlsbad High School valedictorian.