by AMY LEHRER | photos by Tyler McElhaney

Educational Experts

ACE Tutoring Prepares Students for Higher Learning

ACE Tutoring delivers what parents and students seek. From the kindergarten level through AP level, students master Common Core Standards, develop foundational academic skills, ace their academic subjects, and receive exceptional standardized test scores that qualify them to attend their dream colleges.

  • By working with ACE tutors, Luke received a 2050 SAT score and got accepted to an elite private college.
  • In two weeks of intensive AP Calculus tutoring, failing calculus student Ashley earned 98% on her final exam, which saved her grade and retained her acceptance to UC Berkeley.
  • Struggling middle school student Allison mastered academic skills, gained study skills, and developed newfound confidence.
  • Due to great tutors and a motivating rewards program, middle school student Audrey improved her grades and confidence. “She has for the first time in a long time felt the joy of success,” boasted her mother Margaret.

ace2Two critical factors have led to ACE Tutoring’s success. First, the ACE Tutoring owners employ staff who share their passion for education. These academically skilled tutors have nurturing and positive demeanors that bolster students’ confidence. Owner Anh Eggers explained, “Just as students have different needs and personalities, our tutors have various backgrounds, from private tutors to upper-division college tutors specializing in pre-med and engineering, to CA-credentialed teachers.” Second, by partnering with a world-renowned education company, ACE Tutoring learning centers have access to the most advanced educational materials, technologies, assessments, and related services that are aligned with new Common Core Standards.

“This has been a very good experience for Audrey. ACE Tutoring has done exactly what they promised to do. Audrey has a new found excitement for math. She has for the first time in a long time felt the joy of success. Both her grades and her confidence have improved. She really enjoys the tutors as well as the rewards program. Thank you for this wonderful experience.”
– Margaret T, Mother of 7th grader

ACE Tutoring’s hybrid approach combines the latest in educational technology with traditional face-to-face tutoring. Steve Eggers, Director of ACE Tutoring of Carlsbad/San Marcos, explained, “Students begin their path to academic success by taking skills assessments, discussing their goals and challenges with the program director and enrolling in customized programs to plug in foundational skill gaps as well as excel in courses at school.” Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and caring to ACE Tutoring of Carlsbad/San Marcos for which the students and parents constantly express appreciation. During a typical session, the student works on an individualized lesson plan (often a combination of the ACE curriculum-based upon the student’s needs and material from school), reinforces key concepts by working through skills at the ACE Digital Learning Station for a few minutes in order to measure progress, and develops a game plan to execute at home and at school.

Owners Steve and Anh Eggers, who support organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, the Rotary Club, and school district foundations, represent a combined forty years of experience in the business and educational fields. After successfully running a conventional franchised tutoring center, they transitioned to ACE Tutoring in part to meet the needs of students struggling with Common Core Standards. However, their centers still have the capability to support students working on the traditional foundational skills as well as study skills, ACT/SAT prep, and virtually any classroom subject through the AP level. The Eggers, who have combined their talents to help students excel during the past decade, look forward to continuing their mission to cultivate students who meet and exceed expectations in our continually evolving educational environment.








Name of Business: ACE Tutoring of Carlsbad/San Marcos
Manager: Steve Eggers
Owners: Steve and Anh Eggers
Years in Position: 10
Year of Establishment: 2004
Address: 1921 W. San Marcos Blvd.
Email contact:
Phone: 760-599-8873
Description of Business: ACE Tutoring utilizes cutting edge technology and expert staff to boost students’ skills in Common Core Standards as well as help them master elementary level subjects through AP level courses.