by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Tyler McElhaney

Making Math Make Sense

Catch Up, Keep Up, and Get Ahead in Math at Mathnasium

For many students, math can be confusing and intimidating. For others, math can come easily and advancement may be desired. Mathnasium, a math learning center with a new location in La Costa, caters to students of all learning levels in grades 2 through 12. With the mantra “We Make Math Make Sense,” Mathnasium specializes in teaching math to kids in a way that makes it understandable to them. “Our goal is to get kids to not only do the ‘how,’ but get the ‘why,’” said Owner and Director Karen Lossing. “If easier problems make sense, the harder ones become less hard. When you build on a solid foundation, you set yourself up for future success.”

So what exactly sets Mathnasium apart from other tutoring services? “At Mathnasium we focus on math only,” explained Lossing. “We custom tailor a program to each student so they are focused on the skills they need to build from. Our depth of resources allows us to move backward or forward within concepts to meet the student where he/she performs successfully and move him/her forward from there.”

“Our goal is to get kids to not only do the ‘how,’ but get the ‘why.’”

The energy at Mathnasium is positive, with a diverse staff ranging from engineers, to statisticians, and math educators with a variation of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees. “They do a great job of connecting what a student is learning to the real world,” Lossing said of her staff. “By focusing exclusively on the skills they need to master, the kids are more engaged because every lesson is relevant.”

Mathnasium uses two main methods, which have proven to be great successes: Numerical Fluency and Algebra-Readiness. “Numerical Fluency has worked wonders with upper elementary students who still aren’t fluent with calculating,” said Lossing. “A huge burden is lifted for those kids and they can move on to more challenging problem solving.” Algebra-Readiness is a program developed for elementary and middle school students, increasing proficiency in skills needed for high school courses. “Not being ‘algebra-ready’ can set for a brutal math path thereafter so I am especially proud of preparing those kids for their future,” shared Lossing.

The center offers a risk-free assessment to interested students. “Students and parents can see the current level of mastery across concepts relative to a student’s grade level,” stated Lossing. “From there we build a customized learning plan that addresses any gaps initially, then move on toward advanced concepts. We set realistic expectations with the parents when discussing the assessment and give the kids their first lesson free.”


Name of Business: Mathnasium of La Costa
Owner/Director: Karen Lossing
Years in Position: 2
Year of Establishment: 2014
Address: 3451 Via Montebello Suite 190, Carlsbad, CA 92009
Phone: 858-335-5686
Description of Business: Mathnasium of La Costa is located on the Vons side of the beautiful, brand new La Costa Town Square. Their talented team of math professionals is looking forward to working with your student whether their goal is to catch up, keep up, or get ahead!