Vigilucci’s Beach Bocce World Championship

In early July the Vigilucci’s Beach Bocce World Championships attracted over 1,000 people for a fun day packed with sun, food, and great beach bocce ball action. This year’s event raised over $100,000 for local organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad and the Friends of the Powerhouse and Beach. Every year the event is produced by the North County Athletic Association and over time it has become a local tradition so popular that is not uncommon for tickets to sell out in under an hour when they are made available in the spring. Tournament Co-Founder John Manson stated, “Even though competition is stiff, laughter is abundant. The event has become multi-generational and fun for everyone. Quite simply, it’s a great crowd enjoying a great day while having a great time!”

The sold-out crowd of 412 teams played 1,020 games on 81 courts, with many teams in festive, themed costumes. Teams were separated into mens, womens, and mixed divisions for both experienced and novice players. The tentative date for next year’s event is July 9, 2016 and is scheduled to be confirmed by October of this year. The tournament is open to veteran players and first-timers alike. For more information or to read about this year’s winners in the Hall of Fame visit