by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Samantha Gleaton Photography

Out of His Comfort Zone

Cstudent_ball2ooper Ball is a La Costa Canyon student who loves his life. As for where he lives, the Carlsbad community with its beautiful weather and scenery is a daily joy. His academic and athletic involvements run the gamut from student government to Spanish to the rowing team, but the common element is that they all help Cooper expand and grow by getting him out of his comfort zone.

In school Cooper has found an interest in languages. “My favorite subject at LCC has been Spanish,” he said, “because I had a great teacher who taught me to love the language and I have really enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone to learn it.” He’s been involved in student government, including a term as sophomore class vice president, which was a great experience for him. “It has taught me social skills that I never thought I would have by having to interact with different groups all over campus. I have learned how to plan huge events like dances and be a leader throughout campus.”

Name: Cooper Ball (17)
Community: Carlsbad
School: La Costa Canyon
Parents: Korri and Sam Ball
Siblings: Blake (14), Alex (11), Christian (21)
Favorite Place in 92009: The beach


Back in seventh grade, a knee injury he received in soccer forced him to reevaluate his sports interests. His doctor suggested he try rowing, and he has successfully stuck to it ever since. This summer he competed at the CanAmMex Games in Mexico City for the U.S. Junior National Team. He competed in the Men’s 8+ and 2- and won both events. His adventure in the games gave Cooper experience racing at an international level. “I met kids from all over North America,” he explained, “and I liked being there to represent my country.”

Cooper Ball is a La Costa Canyon student who loves his life.

Cooper’s hobbies and interests include Boy Scouts through his church, and surfing. One of his goals for the future is to trial a boat (with his San Diego rowing partner) to represent the USA in Amsterdam at the Junior World Championship. “My goal is to be recruited to a top rowing college to win a national championship.” He continued, “and I would love to become an oral surgeon when I’m older.”

As far as what would surprise people about Cooper? “Most people are surprised when I say that I row because they all think I play basketball or volleyball.” Cooper Ball is our 92009 Student Star, out of his comfort zone and into success.