Making a Connection

family_molnar3The Molnars, based in La Costa, enjoy their almost-daily visits to the local beaches. As an active, water-loving family, all the boys in this brood surf on a regular basis. Parents Adam, a commercial real estate broker, and Lisa, a former elementary school science teacher, try to partake in as many exciting aquatic activities as they can with their sons.

Hopefully later this year, the Molnars will soon have a daughter who can also join them on their oceanic adventures. The family is currently trying to adopt Masha, a 14-year-old Ukrainian orphan who stayed with them last summer through the nonprofit orphan-hosting program Guglielmo’s Hope. Lisa recalled, “Making a connection like we did with Masha doesn’t always happen with hosting, and we feel like Masha was chosen for our family. We all unanimously decided we wanted Masha to be a part of our family.”

“Making a connection like we did with Masha doesn’t always happen with hosting, and we feel like Masha was chosen for our family.” ~ Lisa Molnar

family_molnar4When Masha first came to live with the Molnars, she was shy, nervous, and spoke almost no English. But with the help of translation apps and a method of communicating much like the game of charades, Masha eventually came out of her shell. Adam noticed, “By the end of our hosting period, Masha was able to joke with us in English, and understand most things. She opened up and showed us her funny, adventurous personality, and amazingly she fit right into our family.”

And what an action-packed family to fit into! Mason, an eighth grader, is all about surfing, and is on the San Elijo Middle School’s surf team, as is Gabe, a sixth grader. Gabe also thrives on wrestling, soccer, and “catching snakes and lizards,” Lisa laughed. Trent, a third grader at La Costa Meadows Elementary School, plays soccer and flag football. All three boys also adore ping-pong, even though Masha had frequently beaten them during table tennis matches!

Parents: Adam and Lisa Molnar
Children: Mason, Gabe, Trent
Community: La Costa
Hometown: Vista
Occupations: Adam – Commercial Real Estate Broker at CBRE;
Lisa – Sales Rep for Fandalz and Plangea

Favorite Places in Carlsbad: Ponto Beach, Carlsbad State Beach, paddleboarding at the Lagoon, The Land & Water Company

family_molnar5Excited to see Masha participate in fun family antics, Lisa realized, “Our favorite part of hosting Masha was watching her experience new things. She was so thankful, even for going to the dentist. It reminded our family how blessed we are to live in America.”

To find out more about the Molnar family and their efforts in adopting Masha, be sure to check out their site at You can also learn more about the orphan hosting program by logging onto