by LINDA FRABL | photo by Samantha Gleaton Photography

Competitive & Creative

student_fresca2Olivia Fresca, age 10, is an upbeat fifth grader at La Costa Meadows Elementary who adores being raised in Carlsbad. She professed, “I love living near the water and having such nice weather. I also enjoy going to the beach!”

Active in athletics, for the past two years Olivia has been on softball teams through LCYO and on swim teams through NCA. Describing the joy she finds in playing softball, Olivia commented, “It is really fun! My favorite positions are second base and shortstop, and I love to cheer on my teammates from the dugout.” Olivia reveals her more competitive side when discussing her swimming pursuits, and she proclaimed, “I like competing in meets and trying to beat my best race time. My fastest stroke is the butterfly, but my favorite stroke is the breaststroke.”

Obviously Olivia has a solid grasp on balancing her whimsical, imaginative disposition with her logical, sensible demeanor. Her artistic flair is expressed through her passion for drawing, which she began doing two years ago. Soon after, her grandparents enrolled her in art classes for her birthday gift, and Olivia admitted, “Drawing and painting are my favorite things to do. I want to study art in college and do that for my job one day.”

Name: Olivia Fresca
Age: 10
School: La Costa Meadows Elementary
Grade: 5
Favorite Places in Carlsbad: McArt Studio, the beach, The Flower Fields, shopping at The Forum, the Alga Norte pool, In N’ Out, Jay’s Gourmet Pizza, and Extreme Frozen Yogurt.

student_fresca3The more analytical and organizational aspects of Olivia’s character are evident in her school activities. Olivia’s favorite class is math, and she elaborated, “I like learning new ways to solve problems.” She put her problem-solving skills to practical use when she served on the student council for a semester, and Olivia exclaimed, “My school always has such fun events, such as our Halloween Carnival, Spirit Days, and Teacher/Student Flag Football, and I liked helping to make decisions for those fundraising ideas.”

When she has some free moments, Olivia indulges in such creative outlets as jewelry making, arts and crafts projects, and filming music videos with her friends. She also cherishes spending quality time with her family, including her little brother, Ryan, whose rugby matches she frequently attends. With support from her family and friends, Olivia is on her way to having a healthy, well-adjusted future, whether she’s breaking her swimming record, swinging her softball bat, drawing up a masterpiece, or putting her math sensibilities to good use.