The City of Carlsbad’s Safety Training Center recently received a new solar photovoltaic system. The 352 rooftop solar panels are capable of generating 195,000 kilowatts a year, which is enough electricity to meet nearly all the energy needs of the compound that serves as a training ground for police, fire, and other first responders. The project will cost $327,000 and is expected to pay for itself after 10 years of operation. Over their 30-year lifespan, the panels are projected to save taxpayers 1.2 million dollars. “We’re hoping to offset all the Safety Training Center’s energy usage. There’s always room for energy conservation,” said Jason Kennedy, who manages the center.

The project is part of the city’s multi-pronged energy conservation strategy that reduces consumption, develops renewable energy sources, cuts costs, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. “This solar project makes the city more energy self-reliant, which helps us meet a community goal of environmental sustainability,” said City of Carlsbad Public Works Director Pat Thomas. For more information visit