by KELLEY GUSICH | photo by Samantha Gleaton Photography

Mega Active

Marco Berron is just finishing second grade at La Costa Meadows Elementary. “I like my teacher Mrs. Mone,” he said, “because she makes learning fun and easy, and is nice to me and my classmates.” He also likes his hometown of Carlsbad, all the parks and beaches, with Alga Norte Park as his favorite. “I go there with my family and we break into teams to play basketball and football.” He shared, “I also skateboard with my sisters.” Even though it’s not in Carlsbad, Marco’s favorite beach is Beacon’s, with Ponto running a close second. “And Carlsbad Lagoon where my family and I paddle board and can take our dog Charley.”

Name: Marco Berron (8)
Grade: 2
Parents: Maryann and Olivier Berron
Siblings: Bianca (13) and Erika (11)
Favorite Places in Carlsbad: Alga Norte Park, Pollos Maria in Carlsbad Village, eating Roberto’s at Ponto Beach on the rocks, Carlsbad Lagoon, Souplantation, and Xtreme Frozen Yogurt

His best subjects are math and science. He likes math because he loves doing big addition problems. “I love science because I like doing science experiments,” he shared, “especially when we experiment with magnets.” His most favorite, though, is running. He is part of the LCM Running Club which meets every morning before school starts. He urges his mom to get to school early so he can be first on the field. “Since I’m usually the first one there, I help set up the cones before I run,” Marco explained. “I usually run about two and a half miles every morning.”

On this same note, Marco likes P.E. because he gets to run, get exercise, and have fun. “My coach is Coach Chinlund and he is really nice and helps me get better at running,” he said. His list of activities is impressive, from basketball to surfing and skateboarding to mountain biking. His list of inspirations equally so: “My dad inspires me because he surfs and mountain bikes very well. My mom inspires me because she is very creative and I would love to be creative like her. My sister inspires me because she taught me to play basketball and she is very good at it herself. My other sister inspires me because she also does cross country and track, and that makes me want to become a faster runner.” He added one more: “My dog, Charley, inspires me because he runs really fast.”

 “Since I’m usually the first one there, I help set up the cones before I run,” Marco explained. “I usually run about 2 ½ miles every morning.”

When Marco grows up, he wants to be a builder because he loves to do math and see creative ideas come to life. It might surprise people to know he is half French and half Cuban, and he also likes to cook, making pancakes for his family on the weekends.