by LINDA FRABL | photos by Dave Siccardi

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Home AV TV & Design Gives Your Family Room a Makeover With a Technology Twist

Modern technology has been a godsend that allows us to enjoy many different means of entertainment, from enjoying the big game like you were there, to wirelessly streaming movies, to playing the latest video games in full surround sound. But along with these advancements come added headaches, such as figuring out what components to buy, how to organize and install the equipment to hide ugly wires, and just basically how to make it simple to use. Thankfully, Russ Stover, the local founder of Home AV TV & Design, a Digitainment company, created a walk-in store that solves these issues with installation and service that is unrivaled!


Russ admitted, “We believe people don’t want a million options, but rather a company they can trust, that is an expert in what it does, and that can recommend the best products to fit their customers’ needs. It really comes down to getting the right components installed the right way, and Home AV TV & Design will not oversell you stuff you don’t need or push high-end components that are not necessary. Think of us as offering Amazon prices with Nordstrom service!”

“Think of us as offering Amazon prices with Nordstrom service!”

As great as that is, Home AV TV & Design knows a family room shouldn’t look like a man-cave. They do custom cabinetry as well as custom-made contemporary leather furniture to complete the look of your room.


Home Audio Video Options offered by HOME AV•TV

With the store set up like an educational showroom, customers can rest assured that Home AV TV & Design, the retail venue for Digitainment (the installation portion of the company), will provide the same prices as Amazon (authorized resellers) and Costco on products, but doing something they cannot – full warranty support and lifetime customer service. In business since 2002, Home AV TV & Design and Digitainment both boast A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau, as well as five-star Yelp reviews.

Discussing the importance of what his company does, Russ explained, “The family room is often the most used room, and it contains most of your entertainment equipment. Most customers come to us because their family room has become a point of frustration. For example, an outdated TV is tolerated because its cabinet was built 15 years ago and wasn’t designed for today’s larger TV sizes or ventilation for equipment. We’ll help you change the look of the family room with custom purpose built cabinetry, custom-made contemporary leather sectionals, sofas and chairs, hidden equipment and wiring, flush mount disappearing speakers, and eliminate a stack of remotes in favor of a single, simple remote anyone can use.”

“Most customers come to us because their family room has become a point of frustration.”

When you enter the showroom, you don’t have to worry about enduring an aggressive sales pitch – there’s nothing to buy except the concept! Russ emphasized, “Come on in for a demonstration, and you’ll be amazed! You’ll also be relieved to find out we’re actually normal people who just want to help you.”


Name of Business: Home AV TV & Design
Owner & Founder: Russ Stover
Years in Business: Over 13 years
Address: 7720 Rancho Santa Fe Rd., Ste. 115, Carlsbad, CA 92009
Phone: 760-891-0571
Description of Business: Home AV TV & Design specializes in family room makeovers with a technology twist. Beautiful TV picture, nice full sound, easy-to-use, hidden equipment in custom cabinetry, contemporary leather furniture – all without spending a fortune!