by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Samantha Gleaton Photography

Caring for Carlsbad

volunteer_schmidt2Tina Schmidt was born and raised in a suburb outside of Chicago, IL. In her early married life, she, her husband, and their two children (a son and a daughter) bounced around a bit – living in New York, Ohio, and Minnesota, before settling back in Tina’s hometown of Glenview, IL. But 24 years ago, the family made a big move out west to live in Carlsbad. “The best part of living in Carlsbad is knowing relaxed and friendly people, in a community where I can enjoy a great quality of life and the best of weather,” said Tina.

Tina – who retired 10 years ago from the City of Carlsbad Police Department’s Juvenile Justice Program in Investigations – is a passionate volunteer for her community. “I am on the Carlsbad Arts Commission and was chair for four years,” stated Tina. “As a commissioner, I was appointed by the mayor to study cultural issues and programs and then make recommendations to the City Council regarding cultural arts.”

Along those same lines, Tina is on the board of the Friends of the Arts, which is an organization that supports local cultural events. “We volunteer to raise money and awareness of cultural art through sales at the TGIF concerts in the summer and greet visitors at cultural events throughout the year,” explained Tina.

Her most recent volunteering endeavor is with the Carlsbad Newcomers Club, an organization that supports local, educational, and charitable activities. “Even though I am not very new to Carlsbad, I joined after having a life-changing event and wanted to make some additional connections and meet new people,” said Tina. “The club is mostly social with a multitude of activities, so I volunteer by documenting its events with photos of its members and preparing its history.”

Name: Tina Schmidt
Community: La Costa
Profession: Retired
Hobbies: Music, civic education, and civic participation
Favorite Local Spots: La Costa Coffee Roasting, Tin Leaf Fresh Kitchen

volunteer_schmidt3Tina is also active with the Carlsbad City Dove Library and local political organizations, and has volunteered as the librarian for the San Diego Botanical Gardens. “I gathered and documented its history, worked in the gift and plant sales area, and was a board of trustees member,” recalled Tina.

But the organization that seems to be most near and dear to her heart is the Museum of Making Music. “I am a long-time volunteer at the Museum of Making Music, starting in its first year of operation in 1999,” stated Tina. “Music is my passion. All my family played the piano and was active in the music scene.”

In fact, Tina and her husband were a part of the Chicago music club scene before their move out to San Diego. “It was a natural fit for my husband and me to actively participate and volunteer to help to open up the Museum of Making Music,” explained Tina.  “Today I do what needs to be done in interacting with the public.” This can include everything from greeting and ushering at concerts, to explaining how to play instruments in the interactive gallery, and talking about details of the instruments. “My favorite and happiest experiences are greeting people at live concerts and exhibits at the Museum of Making Music and conversing with the folks who have the same passion for music,” Tina shared.