by LYDIA COBB | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Wish Granter

volunteer_lenk2Lorna Lenk’s volunteerism with Make-A-Wish began through her grandson’s illness years ago. “When Trevor was in the hospital, people came to my daughter and son-in-law to talk about Make-A-Wish,” said Lorna. “My daughter was under the impression Make-A-Wish is for the terminally ill, and Trevor was not, he just needed bone marrow transplantation.”

That’s what Make-A-Wish is all about, according to Lorna: helping kids like Trevor to “handle and go through what he would be going through.” As Lorna watched how Make-A-Wish buoyed her grandson’s hope, she wanted to give back. She and Trevor put together a family team and enrolled in the fundraising golf tournament that first year – and won! Lorna and her daughter began volunteering together, first as airport greeters welcoming kids and their families arriving for their wish journeys. “I had a mom say she couldn’t thank me enough for being there,” said Lorna. “Knowing that you’re helping them with their wish and making it so easy for them. That’s the joy.” They are now wish granters, and Lorna is looking forward to granting even more this year.

Name: Lorna Lenk
Community: Carlsbad
Volunteer Affiliation: Make-A-Wish® San Diego wish granter and event supporter
Interest: Golf
Favorite Local Spots: Alga Norte Community Park, the beach

volunteer_lenk1Growing up in Alhambra, Lorna attended half a year of junior college before realizing it wasn’t her path. She got a job and married at 20, becoming a full-time mom for 13 years. Her next career was in the secretarial field. When her son Dennis landed on the PGA Tour, Lorna went to work for him and her daughter-in-law before she retired. Now she can be found most often on the golf course. She loves knitting, quilting, family get-togethers, and the beach. She feels blessed to watch her four grandsons grow up and play high school and college sports.

Lorna encourages others to register for the annual Walk for Wishes on April 22 to help raise funds so that all kids can experience the magic of wishes during challenging times. In the coming year, the San Diego chapter anticipates granting more than 230 wishes for children in our communities, plus hosting visiting Wish Kids. “There’s still a lot more that I can do and a lot that I can give,” added Lorna, whose biggest wish is that every child’s dream will be realized, and that they’d get well.

Name: Make-A-Wish® San Diego
Mission: To grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy.
Phone Number: 858-707-9464