Carlsbad residents in 9th through 12th grade attending any high school are invited to apply for the spring session of the Carlsbad Student Leader Academy (CSLA). The program strives to address issues affecting youth in Carlsbad and bridge the gap between adult and youth perspectives through civic education and community projects. Students will participate in three phases of the program. Phase one is a self-discovery-based program that concludes with a personal storytelling night by each participant. In phase two, students will gain practical leadership tools and a framework for owning their personal development into leaders and effective influence through a learn-by-doing curriculum. Finally, in phase three the students will present a challenge-based project solution to a real life problem in the Carlsbad community by applying lessons learned from the first two phases.

It is free to apply and participate in CSLA. Applications are due by March 6; student selections will be announced on March 20. Academy runs from April 17 through June 19. For more information or to apply go to