Reading Miracles Happen Here Every Day

It is heartbreaking to see your child struggle with their reading skills despite hours of studying and tutoring. Why isn’t your child getting better? Why doesn’t the teacher, tutor, reading specialist, or psychologist have a real solution to your child’s reading problem? The answer: traditional reading methods do not work for everyone. In fact, up to 30 percent of the population has a reading problem of some sort, and up to 15 percent have Dyslexia. Due to the lack of effective reading resources, parents and students have become extremely frustrated searching for the right help. Fortunately, a new breakthrough approach is now available.

Based upon the work of Dr. David Bloch and Dr. Bruce Dow, reading miracles are happening every day. Their Reading Without Limits program has combined the knowledge from two different disciplines, vision science and reading science. It allows students with reading disabilities to read like never before. New research has shown that poor readers can improve their reading performance and reverse their Dyslexia without the use of phonics or sight reading. Students can recognize words, increase their reading speed, and improve their reading comprehension quickly and easily.

Drs. Bloch and Dow have discovered that many readers have difficulty because their auditory and visual systems do not communicate with each other correctly. Each system works well individually but not together. In general, poor readers have grade-appropriate verbal skills, vocabulary, and intelligence. But they confuse this information when reading silently and aloud. By using a series of special drills that re-program the connections between the auditory and visual systems, most poor readers can learn to read proficiently in less than three months.

The Reading Without Limits program was developed to test and treat students that have not responded favorably to traditional reading methods. It is the best alternative to improve reading skills in students of all ages. The testing phase of the program identifies which auditory, visual, and cognitive factors are reducing reading performance. Then the treatment phase specifically targets the root cause of the student’s reading problems with a customized program.

Beginning readers can learn to read without the use of verbal cues or pictures and can raise their reading scores by two to three grade levels in approximately 8 to 12 weeks. More experienced readers that have better word recognition skills, can increase their reading speed by a factor of three to four while maintaining complete comprehension. Even students with Dyslexia show immediate progress and are able to read complex words on their first training session. All students enrolling in this program become more motivated and confident readers in a few short weeks. But more importantly, they can eliminate the anxiety and self-esteem issues that may have been preventing them from achieving more.

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adv_blochvision2Dr. Bloch is a licensed Eye Care Provider in Carlsbad that specializes in the treatment of reading disabilities and Dyslexia. He is the president of Reading Without Limits, Inc.

adv_blochvision3Dr. Dow has a Ph.D. in Reading and is a former Professor of Reading for Walden University. He currently serves as an advisory board member to Reading Without Limits, Inc.

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