by LINDA FRABL | portrait by Mark Hopkins Photography

Capturing Nature’s Vibrancy


Barbara Davies has the glorious landscape of San Diego to thank for her successful oil painting endeavors. It all began back in 2001, when Barbara moved to the city from Boston after a divorce. She recalled, “I wanted to start a new life in a warm climate, and I fell in love with the beauty of the area as soon as I stepped off the plane.” Although Barbara has lived all over the county, she bought her current home in Carlsbad in 2014. She said, “I love the laid-back feel!”


At – A – Glance

Name: Barbara Davies
Profession: Publisher, Artist
Community: Carlsbad since 2014
Hobbies & Interests: Oil painting, hiking, travel, yoga, live music, scuba diving, kayaking, body boarding, swimming, sailing
Favorite Local Spots: Carruth Winery, Campfire, Ignite Bistro, Las Olas, South Ponto beach, Carlsbad Promenade

All of her life, Barbara has been art-obsessed. She fondly remembers creating finger paintings in kindergarten, and said, “I loved playing with all the colors!” She eventually studied photography in college, and worked in the advertising industry. Now that she’s on the West Coast, Barbara has purchased a local B2B magazine, and the whole operation is thriving with 14 employees.

Describing her path towards oil painting, Barbara said, “I would take runs in the mornings along the coast, and the views were amazing to me. I was awestruck by the scale of the cliffs and ocean, and the brilliant light. I started painting to capture those beautiful coastal views.”


Barbara’s works of art have been shown at the San Diego County Fair Art Show three times, and she won an award from the Spanish Village Artist Collective in Balboa Park for one of her cliff paintings. Her canvases have also been displayed at Mission Federal’s ArtWalk in Little Italy for six years now, and she can’t wait to show her art at the first ever Carlsbad ArtWalk, which will take place Sept. 22 to 23.

As a self-taught artist with no formal training, Barbara is tickled that her vibrant oil paintings have garnered so much praise. She explained, “When I first started painting, I never imagined selling my art; I painted just for myself. But the more I paint and show my work, the more I realize that people connect with my paintings and want to bring them home. That’s a great feeling, and that’s really my inspiration: to share the beauty that I see in nature with others.”

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