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Customizing Your Look

Amazing Lash Studio Creates Something Magical Inside and Out

They say eyes are windows to the soul. Beautiful eyes make us radiate and create something magical inside and out. Among the many new beauty trends available, eyelash extensions create a beautiful, eye-popping, and makeup-free effect. And when we look and feel good, confidence follows.
Why have lash extensions become so in vogue? They used to be a beauty luxury reserved for the rich and famous. Today, lash extensions have become an affordable beauty practice for the masses due to advances in products and application technique.

Amazing Lash Studio, a franchise that started in 2013, arrived in Carmel Valley in January of 2016 and in La Costa in June 2017. Carmel Valley/La Costa franchisee owner Theresa Shay has been established in her position for three years. Prior to Amazing Lash Studio, Theresa was in the real estate industry for 15 years, with owned brokerage for eight of those 15. Becoming part of the Amazing Lash Studio team was a no-brainer for Theresa — two of her brothers and a sister also own franchises in New Jersey and Connecticut.


There are over 175 locations nationwide, with five in the San Diego County Region. At Amazing Lash Studio, it may take anywhere from one to two hours to apply extensions, depending on a full set or refill (maintenance) service. A synthetic lash fiber is applied to a natural lash on a 1-1 basis using medical-grade glue. There are four different lash styles to choose from: Natural, Cute, Sexy, or Gorgeous. And for the more intense, dramatic, fuller look, Amazing Volume lashes are available in Classic (3D) and Glam (6D). Each style provides longer, thicker lashes, however, the guest chooses their preferred length and thickness. All types enhance the eye beautifully and are extremely lightweight.

Amazing Lash Studio’s licensed estheticians are trained over 80 hours on a patented lash application technique. Each guest receives a consultation upon their first visit. The next step is to lie down, listen to music and relax — many even fall asleep — in one of the private suites while lashes are applied. The result? Eyes that pop and look vibrant without mascara, eyeliner, or an eyelash curler!

While many people enjoy make-up free, “wake-up and go” eyes, eyelash extensions need to be washed and brushed daily. Like hair, lashes have a growth cycle, so as your natural lashes shed, new lash extensions should be applied every two to three weeks, depending on your natural growth cycle.

If you want to look more beautiful, radiant, sexy, young, and reduce your daily make-up routine, try lash extensions… then, get ready for the compliments. For more information or a free consultation, contact a lash consultant at Amazing Lash Studio today.


Name of Business: Amazing Lash Studio
Franchise Owner: Theresa Shay
Years in Position: 2017
Address: 3457 Via Montebello Ste. 152 Carlsbad, CA 92009
Phone: 760-452-4522
Description of Business: Amazing Lash Studio’s mission is to create lasting beauty and confidence through passion, dedication, and excellence so guests will look and feel amazing.